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About Juliette

I was born in Bath in 1960 but lived for some years in France. Whilst living there, I visited The Rodin Museum in Paris and was enthralled by what I saw - I couldn't wait to get my hands on some clay! That was the beginning of a delightfully surprising and deeply challenging journey - a journey which took me through working in clay, carving in stone and bronze-casting.

I feel passionately inspired to express in tangible form what I sense deep within myself: it bubbles up and has to take physical form. This is the manifestation of my life's experiences, but when you commission me, your ideas are the inspiration and together we co-create something unique and long lasting.



As a commissioned sculptor I work closely with my client from the very beginning. Their idea is the inspiration for the piece, and I then work with them to transform it into physical form. After an initial contact I come up with models of what I think they want, and then we have many meetings and discussions to modify the models to fit their requirements.

I really enjoy working in this way, being creative and having a lot of contact and communication with people. It is a great job.

Sculpture can be such a wonderful way to commemorate an occasion or event. Something unique and long-lasting can be co-created.

Juliette Medder

Juliette Medder presenting sculpture